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He is Born

Sacred work for Choir, Orchestra, Soloists, and Narration.

What is "He is Born"?

He is Born is a sacred work, which is also known under common terms as an oratorio or a large scale musical work for orchestra and voices, typically a narrative on a religious theme, performed without the use of costume, scenery, or action.


This musical narrative outlines the events leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ, beginning with Herod taking over of Jerusalem, through Joseph's vision, and culminating in the miracle that was Jesus Christ's life. The amazing part of an oratorio is the special musical insight that we get into the hearts and minds of the people in the story. In this incredible program, we see the hearts and minds of King Herod, Joseph, Mary, the Shepherds, the Wisemen, and the people around this exclusive circle. We gain insights into the questions "What drove a political leader to do the things Herod did?", "What sort of thoughts exist in the mind of an imperfect soul being tasked with parenting the Son of God?", and "How did the maggi know not to return to Herod?" 

This project is of great importance. He is Born is going to help bring the story of the Nativity to the world. It will share the story of birth of Christ, it will help us relate to the people in the story, we will feel connections, and we will be brought closer to God. However, a lot goes into a major project like this. In order to achieve the highest quality product, we are looking to record with the world's greatest orchestra in one of the most famous recording studios of all time! 

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The Scope of the Project

He is Born will be a 90 minute program written for orchestra, choir, soloists and narration. Our goal is to record with the London Symphony Orchestra in the iconic Abbey Road Studios! The quality of space, caliber of musicians, and artistry of the soloists will emphasize the importance of this project's message.

To cover the costs of the London Symphony Orchestra, Choir, two days in Abbey Road Studios, and post production costs, we are trying to raise $90k. 


London Symphony Orchestra

The London Symphony Orchestra is one of the most iconic and world-class symphony orchestras in the world! Their professionalism, caliber of talent, and uniqueness of skill have made them the go-to orchestra to record for Hollywood blockbuster films. The LSO is featured in a wide breadth of scores, from John Williams' 'Star Wars' and 'Harry Potter' scores, to Howard Shore's 'Lord of the Rings' scores. This makes them one of the most luscious and desirable sounding ensembles in the modern orchestral recording industry.


Abbey Road Studios

Why is the recording space so important? Walk outside and begin singing. What do you notice? Now walk into your bathroom and begin singing. What changed? The room we make music in makes a very big difference! So for a project as important as He is Born, we need a tried-and-true space.

Located in London, UK, Abbey Road Studios is one of the world's most famous studios ever built! It was first made famous by use of the Beatles. Their frequent use of the studios actually influenced the renaming of the studios from EMI Studios to Abbey Road following the Beatles last album.


Abbey Road is also home to Studio One, the largest recording space in the world. Today's most iconic film scores have been recorded in Studio One, including: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Skyfall, Avenger's: Endgame, and Shape of Water. 

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How You Can Help

If you want to contribute directly to our $90k goal, visit our Go Fund Me by clicking here to make a donation. You can also help by sharing this page with your friends and family! The more people that know about He is Born, the more that can be part of the journey! Lastly, you can seriously help the project by signing up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page, and by following along on Brendan Child's social media pages using the links on the top of this page.

We are also looking for singers and narrators to participate! If you, or somebody you know, would like to join us on this exciting adventure and be featured on the album, fill out the form below to receive more information.

Interested in Auditioning?

Fill out this form to receive audition dates and processes for soloists, choir, and narration.

Provided Music Audition

First, you will be asked to sing a section from He is Born to an orchestral and choral mockup of one of the pieces directly from the program.


Personal Repertoire Audition

You will also be given the opportunity to sing to a song of your choice, one that you feel best demonstrates the range of your skills as a vocalist.


Auditions for Narration

A small section of the script will be sent for you to review, record, and submit. Narrators will be selected based upon areas of timbre, vocal clarity, degree of reverence, and animation.

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Sheet Music

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