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Gravity is the force that keeps both of our feet planted firmly on the ground. It gives us a sense of direction, stability, and security. However, as one would leave the security of the earth, they would then feel less and less of this stabilizing pull back the ground.


This new original piece is engineered to sound like it is slowly losing it's sense of stability. The piece begins with a firm statement of key and time from the piano. It emphasizes the beauty of the earth as you gain height. As the piece progresses, that sense of stability and security vanishes--just as one would feel as they drift farther and farther from the planet.



Flute/Piano (1)

Violin (1)

Cello (1)

Piano (1)


The flute player plays the flute during Part 1, then plays piano during Part 2. The piano player plays on the keys during Part 1, then uses a coin and stums the strings during Part 2. Violin and Cello both play on their own instrument for both Part 1 and Part 2.


Click Here to listen.

Gravity - For Small Ensemble

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