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Lamb of God | Atlanta

by Reverie Interfaith Choir & Orchestra

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What is "Lamb of God"?

"Lamb of God" composer, Rob Gardner, describes the program as: 

"a dramatic musical portrayal of the final days of the life of Jesus, from the foreshadowing raising of Lazarus, to the devastating arrest and crucifixion of Jesus, and finally to his glorious resurrection. Composed and written by Rob Gardner, the story of Jesus is told through the perspective of those who loved and walked with him: Peter, John, Thomas, Mary and Martha of Bethany, Mary Magdalene and his Mother Mary."

He continues by saying:

"[Lamb of God] offers a new and unique take on the Passion story in that it's told entirely through music. The music serves to heighten the innate emotion of the narrative and carry a very personal meaning to everyone who experiences it."

Each year, thousands of people perform "Lamb of God" in chapels, churches, cathedrals, and college campuses. Many of these performances unite members of as many as 60 different faiths in a single performance. Singers, narrators, and instrumentalists of all religious denominations (including those with no religious affiliation) are invited to join with Music Director, Brendan C. Child, and Associate Conductor, Ally Winters, and perform Rob Gardner's Lamb of God with us this upcoming Easter season. 

Lamb of God | Around the World

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The Soloists

Soloists play the role of the storytellers in "Lamb of God" sharing dialogue as the people who knew Jesus personally. This circle includes Peter, John, Thomas, Mary and Martha of Bethany, Mary Magdalene, and Mary Mother of Jesus. Other featured soloists include two Accusers, Pilate, and the two women who saw Peter.

These soloists tell the story of knowing Jesus, sharing their thoughts as the final days of His life unfold through his resurrection. They bear witness of his life through their words.


The Orchestra

Originally performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, "Lamb of God"'s orchestral architecture is composed of incredibly intricate textures that delivers a world-class underscore to the narrative of the life of Jesus. The score demands technical skill, musicality, and awareness of the performer's surroundings. The score also features multiple soloists, including the featured cello soloist which represents the voice of Jesus throughout the program.

The Reverie Symphony Orchestral parts of "Lamb of God" requires Flutes (2), Oboe (1), Clarinets (2), Bass Clarinet (1), Bassoon (1), Horns in F (4), Trombones (2), Bass Trombone (1), Tuba (1), Timpani (1), Percussion (3), Harp (1), Celesta (1), Violin I (12), Violin II (10), Viola (8), Cello (6), and Bass (6). 

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The Choir

The choir for Lamb of God is the keystone group. The choir lays the underscore, as does the orchestra, by carrying the emotional counterpoint to the drama occurring with the soloists and orchestra. 

Due to the level of importance that comes with the choral parts, there will be no audition necessary to join the choir! If you wish to join the choir, fill out the sign-up form below and you will be added to our roster! Be sure to check your email to confirm that we have the correct email, as this is how instructions to get music, rehearsal dates/locations, and critical information will be communicated to you.

Interested in Signing Up?

Auditions are now open for soloists, narrators, and orchestra for the 2024 season. Initial auditions will be done online for all parts, with an in-person callback audition on January 21. There is no audition necessary to join the choir.

Auditions for Soloist

You will be required to sing an excerpt from "Lamb of God" specific to the part you are auditioning for. If a callback is extended, you will be given a contrasting excerpt to bring to the in-person audition. Fill out the submission form to sign up.


Auditions for Orchestra

You will be required to play an excerpt from "Lamb of God" specific to the instrument you are auditioning for. Callbacks are only extended to soloists. If a callback is extended, you will be given a contrasting excerpt to bring to the in-person audition. Fill out the submission form  to sign up.


Auditions for Narration

A small section of the script will be sent for you to review, record, and submit. Narrators will be selected based upon areas of timbre, vocal clarity, degree of reverence, and animation. Fill out the submission form to sign up.

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Lamb of God Sign Up Form

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