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Coming Home




     ca. 6' 02"



     Brendan Child Music | November 2, 2023

Program Notes

The inspiration for this piece comes from the classic “returning home” theme, illustrating a lonesome traveler that is longing to return back to their loved ones. The piece is broken into three main sections: the resolve to return, the journey, and the arrival.


The resolve to return underscores the loneliness of solitude and the catalyst felt to return. The journey underscores the path through the woods, thus filling our souls with ecstasy and excitement! The arrival underscores the hesitancy upon arrival: “What if they don’t even want to see me anymore” and the joy at the realization of acceptance and love.

This piece is written for anyone who, for any reason, has traveled far from home, and longs to return. It begins with a solo horn, representing a lonely wanderer with no companions, visions, or values to keep this lost soul company. The soloist is then joined by the violas, calling to memory a home far from where they may be now; stirring up longings to return to the warmth and comfort of what they once knew. As the piece continues, we feel this traveler’s footsteps making the arduous journey back to the place where they belong, ultimately finding joy and comfort with the ones who loved them all along.

Score & Recording

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